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Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website (ITBW) Award

Planeta.com and the Secretariat of the CBD are collaborating to showcase best practices in web-based technologies helping indigenous people manage tourism in a biodiversity-friendly way. The main objectives of this award are to motivate candidates to improve their online communication on biological and cultural diversity, to highlight their best practices in managing tourism in a biodiversity-friendly way, and to raise tourism operators and public’s awareness on biodiversity. Each year there two winners of the ITBW award, one selected by expert jury members and another selected by popular vote.

Second ITBW Award - 2010

The Winner of the judged 2010 ITBW Award is Nutti Sami Siida (www.nutti.se), a company that arranges nature and culture tours based on the Sami culture. Owners Nils Torbjörn Nutti and Carina Pingi are both Sami from Gabna Sameby, Sweden.

The Winner of the popular count 2010 ITBW Award is TIME Unlimited Tours (www.newzealandtours.travel) from New Zealand, operated by the Maori-European couple Ceillhe Tewhare Teneti Hema Sperath and Néill Sperath, and providing personalized and interactive Auckland & Maori Indigenous Cultural Tours.

Visit the site for more : 2010 ITBW Award.

First ITBW Award - 2009

The winner of the judged 2009 ITBW Award is Guurrbi Tours (Australia) and the winner of the popular count 2009 ITBW Award is Indigenous Trails (New Zealand).

Workshop Series on Indigenous Communities, Tourism and Biodiversity: New Information and Web-based Technologies

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is currently organizing a series of workshops on new information and web-based technologies within indigenous communities. The workshops are intended to support the sustainable use and management of biodiversity in tourism through bolstering the web-based capacities of indigenous tourism operators.

The workshop series aims to support the management of biodiversity-friendly tourism activities, the web-based capacity of indigenous tourism operators, and the marketing of the culturally and biologically sustainable aspects of indigenous tourism products. The workshops are also intended to be fora for networking and exchange of information on specific challenges facing indigenous tourism operators.

The workshops are being held in five bio-geographical regions of the globe (the Arctic, islands, dry lands and deserts, forest-basins and mountains), areas whose beauty, isolation, significant biodiversity and indigenous communities attract large numbers of eco and cultural tourists.

Third Workshop of the Series: Forests (December 2009)

Second Workshop of the Series: Islands (November 2008)

You are also invited to visit the workshop web site created by NZTRI, Auckland University.

First Workshop of the Series: The Arctic (November 2007)

UNEP, UNWTO and CBD Roundtables on Sustainable Tourism

The SCBD organized, jointly with UNEP and UNWTO a series of three roundtables on Sustainable Tourism during the Reisepavillion - International Fair for Alternative Travel, which took place in Munich from 26 February to 2 March 2009.

The three panels were on: International Initiatives on Sustainable Tourism, Standards and Certification for Sustainable Tourism, and Biodiversity and Development – A Training Programme for Sustainable Tourism.

Have a look at the presentations of the Reisepavillon on the Tourism and Development pages of the GTZ web site.

See the agenda in English and German.

For more information on Tourism and Development at the CBD, visit the Biodiversity for Development pages.

For more information, contact chantal.robichaud@cbd.int.